Madeira Island

Madeira Island

The volcanic nature of the island of Madeira permits, those who visit us, the opportunity to enjoy a great diversity of activities throughout the year for all age groups. From adventure sports on land or sea, to the most serene you will enjoy moments of leisure and relaxation in close contact with nature.

To get to know the inland of the island better and fully explore the breathtaking scenery the best option is to take a guided tour, through valleys and mountains, on foot along the levadas, approximately 1.500km. These levadas are protected by the Natural Park of Madeira and the ecological park of Funchal.

The Laurissilva forest has an evergreen look all year round, because almost all of the trees and shrubs that make it up, never lose the leaves. Among the special trees stands the Til, the Vinhático, the Loureiro and the Barbusano, all part of the Lauraceae family. The Laurisilva of Madeira was recognized by UNESCO as a Natural World Heritage in December of 1999.

Island tours, bird watching, whale watching, horse riding, golf, canoying climbing, paragliding, hang gliding, fishing, diving, surfing, windsurfing, mountain biking, trekking, Jeep Safari, boating, are only a few among many other activities available. All are excellent ways to enjoy an exciting vacation exploring nature while combining wellbeing and physical fitness.

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